Research Tools

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To realise the potential of the rich resources in the open layer of scholarly and scientific content, researchers and other actors in the ecosystem that deliver the layer (the data centres, libraries, archives, digital collections, repositories, publishers, etc.) will need to collaborate in developing tools to use them.

Knowledge Exchange investigated the diversity and complexity of research tools, techniques and researchers' behaviours to identify how and where the initiative can eliminate barriers to cooperation between different parts of the whole system.

Experts from the partner organisations and beyond exchanged knowledge and experiences, during our meeting on Research Tools which took place on 27 June 2012, in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Experts considered ‘the use of digital technologies in research' or ‘digital research tools' with a view to informing future Knowledge Exchange activities.

Following this meeting, Knowledge Exchange Knowledge Exchange commissioned a project for 11 case studies of research tools in order to show their potential and their relevance for the present research landscape.