Research Data

Working on openness and reuse of data at European level.


Research Data has been a focus area for KE for a long time. In 2017 KE opened up to a broader challenge. In the new theme Open Scholarship KE will address research data related issues in a more integrated approach. 

Themes and topics address in our work on research data included:

The Value of Research Data

A first landscape study of data metrics and of the use of datasets in science to stimulate data sharing. 

Incentives and Motivations for Sharing Research Data

report with recommendations based on interviews with researchers on their sharing data practice.

Training and skills for research data management (RDM)

The outputs of this work include a report on the status quo of RDM in Finland, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK, a list of available training materials across the five partner countries, an overview of common training needs, and key recommendations.

Funding research data infrastructure

Together with Science Europe KE commissioned a landscape study on the views of funders, infrastructure providers and research organisations about how funding should be organised.