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Through Knowledge Exchange, international perspectives inform and enrich the work of the partners. 

Our collective voice informs national and international policies. KE promotes common approaches that cross national boundaries.

Open Scholarship, Open Access and Other Projects

Our current areas of focus are Open Scholarship; promoting openness and reuse of data on a European level, and Open Access; supporting the growth of OA to ensure it is sustainable in the long term.

In addition to the focus areas of Open Scholarship and Open Access, Knowledge Exchange engages in Other Projects, in order to explore emerging topics, developments that are relevant to our partners' interests as well as peer-to-peer meetings of staff from within the partner organisations. 

You can find out more about our Other Projects at the bottom of this page.

Open Scholarship

Open Scholarship

Our vision is to enable open scholarship by supporting an information infrastructure on an international level

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Open Access

Open Access

We are working on solutions to support the growth of OA and ensure it is sustainable in the long term.

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Publishing Reproducible Research...

We are investigating the need to make research outputs more reproducible and how infrastructures...

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Introducing the Open Scholarship...

As part of FORCE2019, Knowledge Exchange (KE) held a pre-conference workshop to showcase and...

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Knowledge Exchange Openness Profile

We have explored the mechanisms and approaches required to improve and incentivize the...

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Open access monographs published...

Knowledge Exchange published an English translation of the study on OA Monographs in Spain

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Preprints – Science in real time

Preprints have become more widespread in a number of disciplines over the last few years. We...

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Insights into the Economy of...

Knowledge Exchange has compiled a collection of interviews which illustrate how pioneering...

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Other projects

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The interest of knowledge Exchange is not limited to the focus areas of Open Access and Research Data. We regularly engage in other projects outside of these areas.

Research Data

We are exploring how best to promote openness and reuse of data on a European level, and working...

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Research Software Sustainability

A study recommending practices of software sustainability to minimise the risks to reliability &...

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Researcher Identifiers: National approaches to ORCID and ISNI implementation

A workshop bringing together representatives from KE partner countries to share national...

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