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Knowledge Exchange Newsletter October 2022

Our latest newsletter including updates on Alternative Publishing Platforms, FAIR Data and Software and much more!

Knowledge Exchange welcomes comments on Alternative Publishing Platforms scoping paper

Research communities may feel confused by the range of new publishing platforms now available. To help address this, Knowledge Exchange are exploring these new platforms in order to determine what they do and how they can assist in disseminating research. Our Alternative Publishing Platforms scoping paper is now published and you have the opportunity to comment on this.

Knowledge Exchange Newsletter December 2021

Our latest newsletter including updates on our work around publishing reproducible research outputs, PIDs: Risks & Trust and much more!

Five things you need to know to support reproducible publication practices

Knowledge Exchange published the report “The art of publishing reproducible research outputs - Supporting emerging practices through cultural and technological innovation.” The report is the culmination of a 12-month project investigating current practices and barriers related to publishing reproducible research outputs

Investing in the Open Access Book infrastructure - A call for action

The Knowledge Exchange inspired position paper 'Investing in the Open Access Book infrastructure - A call for action' has been published and signed by key stakeholders. Find out more and add your name to the growing list of signatories!

Call for bids: Publishing Reproducible Research Output

Knowledge Exchange are inviting bids from consultants to work on our upcoming activity 'Publishing Reproducible Research Output'.

Open Access to academic books: Working towards the “tipping point”

Further recommendations on the next steps for Open Access to academic books

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