VRE - Catalysts of Change workshop

A workshop focused on how Virtual Research Environments support the changes in researchers’ behaviour and practice.

17 November 2011 - 18 November 2011,  00:00 - 00:00,  Birmingham, United Kingdom

Knowledge Exchange organised the workshop 'Virtual Research Environments: Catalysts of change', following the success of the Virtual Research Environments: The next steps workshop which took place in Rotterdam, 2010.

Changing research behaviour and practice have repercussions for funding programmes, policy and technology infrastructures. The development of tools has the potential to transform research practice, but as these tools become part of the digital infrastructure, challenges of use, maintenance and sustainably inevitably arise.

This workshop allowed Knowledge Exchange and its partners to share their experience and understanding with leading experts, influencers and funders, including members of the European Commission.

The workshop offered new perspectives and debate on:

  • changing researcher behaviours
  • policies in the creation and use of VREs
  • sustainability
  • re-use of tools and technologies. 



  • Sigrun Eckelmann (DFG)
  • Harry Enke (Leibniz Institute for Astrophysics)
  • Hans-Jürgen Schwarz (Hornemann Institute)
  • Robert Strötgen (Georg Eckert Institute)
  • Christian Wolff (University of Regensburg)


  • Frank Benneker (University of Amsterdam)
  • Magchiel Bijsterbosch (SURF)
  • Renze Brandsma (University of Amsterdam)
  • Bas Cordewener (SURF)
  • Daphne Duin (VU University Amsterdam)
  • Jikke de Groot-Adema (Utrecht University Library)
  • Gera Pronk (SURFnet)
  • Peter Verhaar (Leiden University)
  • Lilian van der Vaart (Vaart Innovation & Knowledge Management)

United Kingdom:

  • Isabel Brough (JISC)
  • Christopher Brown (JISC)
  • Julia Carpenter (Education for Change)
  • Louisa Dale (JISC)
  • Ian Dolphin (Sakai)
  • Matthew Dovey (JISC)
  • Maria Susana Avila Garcia (Oxford e-Research Centre)
  • Jim Hensman (Coventry University)
  • Gabriel Hanganu (OSS Watch)
  • Matthew Munson (DARIAH)
  • Zara Naghizadeh (National History Museum)
  • Torsten Reimer (JISC)
  • Jennifer Rutner (ITHAKA)
  • Martin Turner (University of Manchester)


  • Birte Christensen-Dalsgaard (The Danish Royal Library)
  • Lars Nondal (Copenhagen Business School)
  • Brian Vinter (University of Copenhagen)

United States of America:

  • Jim Farmer (Instructional media + magic, inc)

Knowledge Exchange:

  • Keith Russell

Key findings / outcome report download

Virtual Research Environments: Catalysts of Change workshop report
17 November 2011

Virtual Research Environments: Catalysts of Change workshop report

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  • csc-it center for science
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