Sustainable Projects

A study to create structures in & between the KE partners to promote sustainability in funding information infrastructure.

1 October 2008 - 1 January 2009,  00:00 - 00:00, 

Sustainability was established as a strand in late 2006 after a series of successful SURF-Jisc partnership activities that focused on this area. Questions like the following were tackled:

  • How can successful projects that provide infrastructure and services to the academic community be sustained?
  • How can the transfer of technologies and ideas between projects and countries be facilitated within Knowledge Exchange?
  • How can the partner organisations embed strategies for sustainable project development in their own funding programmes?

Both individual workshops and joint working group meetings showed that partners had different understandings of what sustainability entailed and how a Knowledge Exchange discussion on the matter would contribute to their own internal work.

In 2009 it has been decided that exchanges between partners should be seen as internal activities, and the internal interest in the ways other partners are working is not exclusively aimed at sustainability. The Knowledge Exchange partners will continue to explore and to attend exchanges on internal workings but the efforts will not be organised through a KE working group.

A collaboration between

  • dfg
  • csc-it center for science
  • jisc
  • cnrs
  • surf
  • deff