Provisions in Licencing workshop

A workshop exploring inclusion of KE licence provisions in the licences of publishers, to harmonise licences in the partner countries.

9 March 2012 - 9 March 2012,  00:00 - 00:00,  Copenhagen, Denmark

Following the workshop on new developments in daily licensing practice in November 2011, we brought together fourteen representatives from national consortia (from Denmark, Germany, Netherlands and the UK) and publishers (Elsevier, SAGE and Springer) met in Copenhagen on 9 March 2012 to discuss provisions in licences to accommodate new developments. 

The one day workshop aimed to:

  • present background and ideas regarding the provisions KE Licensing Expert Group developed;
  • introduce and explain the provisions the invited publishers currently use;ascertain agreement on the wording for long term preservation, continuous access and course packs;
  • give insight and more clarity about the use of open access provisions in licences;
  • discuss a roadmap for inclusion of the provisions in the publishers' licences;
  • result in report to disseminate the outcome of the meeting.

Participants of the workshop were:

  • United Kingdom: Lorraine Estelle (Jisc Collections)
  • Denmark: Lotte Eivor Jørgensen (DEFF), Lone Madsen (Southern University of Denmark), Anne Sandfær (DEFF/Knowledge Exchange)
  • Germany: Hildegard Schaeffler (Bavarian State Library), Markus Brammer (TIB)
  • The Netherlands: Wilma Mossink (SURF), Nol Verhagen (University of Amsterdam), Marc Dupuis (SURF/Knowledge Exchange)
  • Publishers: Alicia Wise (Elsevier), Yvonne Campfens (Springer), Bettina Goerner (Springer), Leo Walford (Sage)
  • Knowledge Exchange: Keith Russell

The main outcome of the workshop was that it would be valuable to have a standard set of clauses which could used in negotiations, this would make concluding licences a lot easier and more efficient. 

The comments on the model provisions the Licensing Expert group had drafted will be taken into account and the provisions will be reformulated.

Data and text mining is a new development and demand for access to allow for this is growing. It would be easier if there was a simpler way to access materials so they could be more easily mined. However there are still outstanding questions on how authors of articles that have been mined can be properly attributed.

Key findings / outcome report download

Report on Knowledge Exchange workshop on provisions in licences
9 March 2012

Report on Knowledge Exchange workshop on provisions in licences

Purpose: Report

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Model provisions for discussion: KE Workshop on licence provisions
3 February 2012

Model provisions for discussion: KE Workshop on licence provisions

Purpose: Workshop documents

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