Access Management

A study to promote collaborative policy development around management and access to protected online information

1 May 2008 - 1 May 2008,  00:00 - 00:00, 

The effective management and access to protected online information and resources is a current major challenge for education, research and library communities.Relating to the Knowledge Exchange priority to 'facilitate integrated management services', the partners seek to promote collaborative policy development. Developments like Security Assertion Markup Language, Federated Trust and Shibboleth deserve closer attention.

Jisc Legal Study of International Access Management Federation Agreements

Jisc Legal has initiated a study which aims to identify current and potential common elements between Access Management Federation agreements, particularly in the light of the jurisdictional differences. Typical legal elements include intellectual property rights, contractual relationship issues, allocation of responsibility and liability issues, disclaimer of liability issues, and data protection issues. This study will consider the situation in Finland, France, Norway, Switzerland, The Netherlands, UK, Denmark, Sweden and the United States. More information about this study is available through the Jisc report 'An Investigation into the Feasibility of a Cross-Jurisdiction Common Access Management Federation Agreement'.

In 2009 the Knowledge Exchange Steering Group has decided to close the Access Management Working Group. The work is being done in other forums as TERENA.

A collaboration between

  • dfg
  • csc-it center for science
  • jisc
  • cnrs
  • surf
  • deff