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The interest of knowledge Exchange is and was not limited to the focus areas Open Access and Research Data. Knowledge Exchange regularly engages in activities outside the focus areas.

Examples of past work outside the focus areas include Virtual Research Environments, Research Tools, and Open Knowledge. Current activities outside the focus areas concern either internal exchanges (peer-to-peer meetings of staff of the partner organisations) or explorative activities on emerging topics and developments that are relevant to our interests in Open Scholarship.

Activities outside the focus areas are usually set-up as a one-off activity, without intention or obligation for Knowledge Exchange to follow-up on the outcomes. Initial goal and benefit are joint exploration of emerging developments, sharing expertise and facilitate experts to connect.

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Libraries in the Digital Age

A study promoting collaborative opportunities in relation to the European digital library


Early KE work: explore sustainability aspects, including funding, of IT infrastructures.

Access Management

Collaborative policies for management and access to protected online information

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A collaboration between

  • dfg
  • csc-it center for science
  • jisc
  • cnrs
  • surf
  • deff