11 August 2011 KE international workshop Virtual Research Environments: Catalysts of Change

Knowledge Exchange will be organising a workshop on 17 and 18 November 2011 which will bring together international experts to discuss the challenges of VREs for researcher's behaviour and practice

Following the success of Virtual Research Environments: The next steps in Rotterdam, 2010, this Knowledge Exchange workshop will focus on how Virtual Research Environments support the changes in researchers’ behaviour and practice.

Changing research behaviour and practice have repercussions for funding programmes, policy and technology infrastructures. The development of tools has the potential to transform research practice, but as these tools become part of the digital infrastructure, challenges of use, maintenance and sustainably inevitably arise.

This workshop aims to enable Knowledge Exchange and its partners to share their experience and understanding with leading experts, influencers and funders, including members of the European Commission.

The workshop will offer new perspectives and provoke debate on:

  • changing researcher behaviours
  • policies in the creation and use of VREs
  • sustainability
  • re-use of tools and technologies. 

Aside from contributions from thought provoking keynote speakers, the programme will include discussion groups, ‘five minute madness’ sessions and poster presentations.

This workshop is targeted at leading experts in the development of Virtual Research Environments, members from research councils and funding organisations with responsibility for the support of research practice.

Further information on the workshop is available here.

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