Digital Author Identifiers Summit 

13 - 14 March 2012, London

Knowledge Exchange organised a summit and brought together various national and international organisations working on Digital Author Identifiers. This summit took place on 13 and 14 March 2012 in London.


All participants at DAI summit in London 


The objectives were:

  • to share knowledge and experience and to exchange views on desired developments
  • to identify priority issues for technology, service and policy development
  • to explore and stimulate interoperability and common approaches
  • to inform and support future planning – explore the role Knowledge Exchange (KE) can play

Day 1 brought participants to a shared level of understanding about the state of affairs and the business case regarding Author/Name Identifiers, and introduce current issues, initiatives and stakeholders. An attempt was made to map the context, the (potential) impact and relevance of author identifiers to the scholarly community. This was achieved by means of:

  • presentations on the report on name identifiers and in depth overview of author identifier impact and relevance in the networked information world
  • panel discussion by key-players on desired future developments
  • introduction round to get to know participants´ role and position in the author identifier arena
  • exploration and agreement on the business case for name authority development

Day 2 zoomed in on author identifier development from three perspectives: governance, interoperability and added value. 

  • substantial discussions to analyse issues and explore opportunities in break out groups
  • outcomes was discussed, clustered and prioritised in a plenary session
  • significant time was spent on transforming clustered priority issues into strategic approaches and an action list. 

This summit follows on the earlier work of Knowledge Exchange on Persistent Object Identifiers.

A selection of photos can be found here.






A report on the summit is available here for download.


Tweets of the day

The hashtage for this event was #kedai. Tweets have been collected and presented by Brian Kelly on a storify page.

Blog postings have been written by Amanda Hill and Talat Chaudhri

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