Open Access (with a strong emphasis on sustainable business models)


Open Access is a complex issue on international, European, and national agendas. One of the cornerstones of Knowledge Exchange is free, online access to scholarly and scientific information. In keeping with that spirit, Knowledge Exchange has been actively involved in promoting Open Access on several levels. Initially through promoting Open Access, and as Open Access has attracted more attention and more initiatives focused on the value of Open Access, by addressing the challenge of sustaining open access in the longer term.


As funding flows will need to shift from journal subscriptions to other routes, we investigate which business models are feasible to provide open access to the scholarly and scientific information also in the longer term, both through the journal and repository forms. We aim to add value to the existing activities of each partner by sharing knowledge, planning collaboratively, and focusing on joint development within the area of OA publishing of scientific information.
Currently we are focusing our efforts on a body of work on the Sustainability of Open Access Services.


More information on the focus of work and members of the Open Access expert group can be found here


Examples of early work on Open Access


Letter to EU Commission on scientific information in the digital age

In September 2008 Knowledge Exchange sent a letter to European Commission with the purpose of informing about the work of Knowledge Exchange and to set up a list of recommendations for future developments with in the field of Open Access.


Petition to EC for Open Access
Open access is on the European agenda and Knowledge Exchange has given great effort to the Petition for Open Access during 2007 in the means of moving the EU commission in the right direction. The petition already has created a lot of attention, dialogue and awareness of the Open Access at EU level which we hopefully can use to go further on the Open Access agenda. 


Licence to Publish
To ensure that the results of publicly funded research is made openly available as quickly as possible, Knowledge Exchange fully supports the use of the Licence to Publish. This model agreement is now available in several languages.


In 2007 promotion on Open Access principles and License to Publish have been in focus on KE level as well as in the partner organisations. All the KE partners have Open Access on the agenda and in their strategies. SURF and JISC have worked on promoting Open Access principles, License to publish and JISC has build toolbox for advocacy etc. DFG and DEFF do address the Open Access agenda among other things through funding of projects.


Cost and Benefits of Alternative Publishing Models

Each of the four partner organisations has initiated studies on alternative publishing models, conducted by professor John Houghton, Victoria University. The joint conclusions of the first three studies were presented at a workshop in Brussels in June 2009.

Sustainable business models for Open Access Expert Group
Representatives from each of the partner organisations and related experts are actively participating in an Expert Group to consider future activities in this area.

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